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Salon, Beauty Parlor and Spa Management System in Qatar

SPA Management

SPA Management

Our SPA management software can run any beauty salon, parlor, SPA, and massage center. This SPA CRM software automates the process related to effective salon and SPA management. Customers can book a room or service and complete the transaction online with this SPA management system. It works equally well for businesses having multiple branches. This is one of Qatar's best SPA CRM software, competent in keeping your spa and salon business running smoothly. It also offers customized features for the users. 

Complete SPA Management Software in Qatar

Complete SPA Management Software in Qatar

Our SPA management system comes with a set of amazing features to help you run your spa, salon, and massage business without any hassle. This software is mainly designed and developed keeping the Qatar market in mind. Spa and salon point of sales (POS) are also integrated into this software to help you maintain all conventional POS operations such as gift card and credit card processing, seamless, fast checkout, coupon codes application, etc. It also offers updated sales reports, client metrics, and inventory reports in real-time. 

Features of SPA Management System

S Simple UI

Simple UI

It comes with a simple, intuitive, and easily accessible interface.

S Scheduling Option

Scheduling Option

You can easily schedule appointments, rooms, manage resources, and operate your business for clients with this software.

M Multi-Branch


Its online presence ensures that you can manage multiple branches of your business through the internet.

R Reporting System

Reporting System

Our SPA management system comes with an effective MIS reporting system that provides transparent business reports.

L Loyalty System

Loyalty System

It features an attractive gift card and packaging module to induce repeat customers to make recurring purchases.

B Both End Management

Both End Management

Both your employees and valued customers can use this software to check the availability of different services for a particular branch and time.

R Real-Time Booking

Real-Time Booking

Customer service team members can conveniently control scheduling services in real-time.

S Safe and Secure

Safe and Secure

It features a multi-level authentication method to ensure optimal security for the system.

SPA Management


Our SPA management system allows users to schedule appointments conveniently and inform them about the booking through e-mails. You can manage your customer database, upload pictures of clients and employees, make employee schedules, and maintain an inventory with this SPA POS system. It also has additional features like business reporting, coupon code/gift card integration, client loyalty program, and more. This has the potential to become the leading spa and salon management software and POS system in Qatar. 

Many useful features such as online booking, branch selection, appointment scheduling, and simple navigation make it a great software for Spa business owners. Our clients from Doha, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi use this system to achieve their business goals.

Who can use Our SPA Management Software

Hair & Beauty Salons

Hair & Beauty Salons

Many salons have plans to expand their business to multiple locations and transform it into a multi stylist hair and beauty salon. You can use our software to manage all kinds of booking, scheduling, and billing conveniently. No matter if your business is growing fast, this software has the ability to run scalable business models. 

Massage Centers

Massage Centers

Health and wellness professions have experienced a great spike in the massage therapy sector. Our software can be used to maintain your massage center efficiently. It comes with amazing features that allows users to send reminders and instant notifications to clients. There are some other additional features to facilitate your business. 

Health Clinics

Health Clinics

Acupuncture, weight loss clinic, chiropractic, and the like are the new trendy branch of health clinics. Our software can handle all managerial tasks related to these clinics, including appointments, booking, billing, and other solutions required for a health clinic. 

Gyms and Trainers

Gyms and Trainers

With the growing number of fitness enthusiasts, gyms and trainers are experiencing the rise of fitness centers across the country. Our software can help fitness center or gym owners manage their businesses smoothly without any hassle. No matter whether you have a single fitness center or a multi-location gym, our software can manage everything associated with your business.

Do you want to see a demo?

Do you want to see a demo?

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