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Online Event Ticketing and Management System in Qatar

Easy Management Of Ticketing And Management

Easy Management Of Ticketing And Management

Event management is made easy thanks to Royex’s Event management software. It is perfect for managing big events that involve a lot of complexity. The software is designed to keep Middle Eastern clients in mind, especially Qatar and the UAE. Many successful events have been managed smoothly using our event management system.

Comprehensive Event Management Solution In Qatar

Comprehensive Event Management Solution In Qatar

It starts from the guest invitation, amenities arrangement, management, and taking care of their facilities, tracking the activities, getting their reviews, and thanking them. This system covers it all. Our online event management software is used by many of our clients across Doha, Qatar, Dubai, and the UAE.

Features of Our Event Management System

M Multiple events

Multiple events

Manage multiple events at the same time without any hassle.

M Mailing and SMS

Mailing and SMS

Implement smooth communication via a secure mailing and SMS system.

P Pre and post-event management

Pre and post-event management

Easy retrieval of pre and post-event information

R Review and Feedback

Review and Feedback

Procure reviews and user feedback from guests after the event completion.

G Guest information gathering

Guest information gathering

Easy access to information such as guest arrival time, transportation medium, hotel reservation, and other relevant information.

S Safe and secure

Safe and secure

All data is encrypted with a multi-layered security layer ensuring maximum security.

Event management software


Event management encompasses evaluating, planning, promoting, creating an event. Efficient and effective management is necessary for the event to be successful. An event management software is a powerful tool in accomplishing this goal. It can help to highlight a product or service in the market. 


Advantages of Using Our Event Management Software

End to End Automation

End to End Automation

Everything from start to finish is automated; there are no manual tasks involved. Our event management software is the best way to automate your event completely, allowing you to focus on what’s important for you. 

Your Event, Your Touch

Your Event, Your Touch

Customize your event the way you want it. This includes the event website, app, promotional strategy, branding, and more.

Time and cost-effective

Time and cost-effective

Make changes on the fly without any complications saving you precious time and effort.

Are you interested in a demo?

Are you interested in a demo?

Fix a time with us, and we will be quite happy to showcase our product.