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8 SEO Mistakes To Avoid In 2022
02 Mar 2022

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8 SEO Mistakes To Avoid In 2022

If you are a successful online business person then you know how important it is to optimize your website following the latest SEO techniques. This digital marketing industry is always evolving to provide user experience and conversion rates related to websites, especially if you're a B2C company. The content & SEO strategies you are following for the past few years are not the same right now! 

SEO is a technique to convince the google search algorithm & search crawlers that your page content is the perfect choice for the related search query. Google always keeps changing the search engine optimization algorithm. So, business owners & marketers can get eliminated if they don’t consider the common SEO mistakes.

Whether it is limited or incorrect content distribution, or even simple neglecting of link-building strategies, here are some of the SEO mistakes to avoid in 2022.


Duplicate content

Duplicate content

Content is the king of the digital marketing industry. And, it is a big NO for duplicate content.

If you have spent most of your time researching effective SEO tricks, you would know, pages with no content or less content make a bad impact on ranking. But that doesn’t mean you have to add copy content or spinning content. Spun content reduces the readability of content. If the content isn’t properly readable how will you get engagement?

Duplicate content confuses search crawlers to decide which content needs to be indexed as the same content appears in different URLs. Also, your website may be marked as a low search experience for Google. Types of duplicate content appear like-

  • Duplicate URL
  • Duplicate Homepage
  • Same content with different webpage

So, automatically generated content, low-quality content, spun content & duplicate content are the most common SEO mistakes you should avoid in 2022.


Not Up-to-date About Content

Fresh content is an indicator of good SEO practice. Following Google's freshness algorithm update your content should be frequently updated.

New content is best for organic traffic but webmasters & content creators should consider that old content may be irrelevant after a span of time & this might affect the website content structure & the ratio of traffic.

Re-publishing & re-written content give you an SEO boost. This will impact 30% on the search query of your edited topic.


Keyword Stuffed Content

Keyword Stuffed Content

Keyword stuffing is the most common mistake regarding Content SEO. Keyword density over 3% is an indicator of search engine spamming.

According to SEO experts, keyword density of about 1-2% is standard for 1000 words articles on average. Your targeted keyword must appear 1 or 2 times after every 100 words. 

So, keep in mind that if you provide quality full content but with heavily stuffed keywords this may cost a penalty for the website. 

Also, this is important for 2022, as new AI technologies are more powerful to detect this type of mistake very easily. So, it will be wise if you use any tools to make sure the article is well written with proper keyword indicators.


Bad Image optimization

Websites with funky images are always lucrative & stunning. But adding high-quality images without proper image tag optimization is a bad practice for SEO. It also causes poor page loading speed as a result website bounce rate gets higher.

Before adding any image make sure the image alt text is optimized with the proper keyword. Adding image descriptions is easy for users to understand the purpose of the image. Also, you should keep in mind that

  • File type of image( PNG, JPG)
  • Height & size of the image
  • Image compression level.


Poor Page loading Speed

Poor Page loading Speed

As we talked about poor page loading speed due to bad image optimization in the previous point, it is considered as one of the main reasons for bad SEO still now.

If a user can’t access your website, it is nearly impossible to increase traffic to your site. According to Google’s page experience update, if any page loads more than 3 sec, most of the users move away to different search results. Also, poor page loading speed makes a bad impression on mobile search results.


Not Having SSL Implementation

Not Having SSL Implementation

Google has declared SSL certificates as an SEO booster since 2014. To increase site security, SSL implementation is a must. SSL is now considered as a ranking signal for better search engine results.

Website URL with HTTP means your site has a weak site which definitely has a negative impact to rank your website. If your site collects users’ personal information & has a payment system then, it’s your responsibility to make sure the channel is secure otherwise you will lose rankings. According to research, 80% of users don’t browse the site with HTTP indication, hence the percentage of website drop increases & it directly affects the SEO ranking.

Having an SSL certificate can give you three layers of security-

  • Data Encryption
  • Data Integrity
  • Data authentication


Not Making A Mobile Responsive Site

Not Making A Mobile Responsive Site

In the upcoming years making your website fully mobile responsive will be a minimum requirement. As people want everything on the go, it is the main focal point for the website owner to design a website that will be flexible on the mobile interface.

Don’t forget about your mobile audience. As mobile browsing overtakes desktop browsing, online marketers need to optimize for this growing trend.

If you analyze the site's traffic, you will see that most of them are smartphone users. If the user doesn't get a smooth user experience then the traffic will automatically fall.

A mobile responsive website requires to adjust all the site’s images, text to be adjusted on the interface regarding the types of devices. Without this feature, all the elements will be rendered very poor which will leave a bad impression on the user.

Bad Redirect Chains

We are not saying redirect chains are not good for SEO. But multiple direct chains may affect SEO practice. Multiple redirect chains occur link quality loss.

Multiple 301 redirects from the initial link to the destination link can confuse search crawlers & may give up to indexing your site or page.

Using Too many inbound Anchor Text

If you create a bulk of internal anchor links, google may detect it as spam or suspicious. As per google 100 or less links are ok for one page. Practically more than 100 links aren’t good for user experience.

Try to use rich anchor text with targeted keywords, it won’t hurt your SEO. As per Penguin Algorithm Update, you can’t use generic anchor text like “Click Here” instead of you have to create anchor text using keywords that fulfills the link building requirement

Wrap Up

To nail your top SEO practice, the mentioned points need to be avoided in 2022. Optimizing your website for the search engine is a never-ending process. You can't make mistakes, or you'll get eliminated

SEO is an ongoing process, so there are no settled formulas or methodologies that work for all sites every time. Business owners should constantly monitor what Google wants them to do in order to get ranked higher in search results.

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